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Deadlift Accessories

The deadlift is an essential lift for powerlifters and a key weapon in your arsenal to getting strong. But what accessory work should you do to help with the lift as well as promoting overall back strength?

1. Deadlift Variations

These can be great for working on specific weak points of your deadlift. Difficulties off the floor? Try deficit deads. Trouble locking out? Rack pulls and pausing at the knee will help with that. The variation shown below with a band pulling the bar away from the lifter requires you to keep the bar tight as it ascends up the legs.

2. Lat Pulldowns

These can be performed on either a loaded pin machine or a plate machine as seen below and can be either wide or narrow grip depending on where specifically on your back you want to target. Experiment with these to feel which grip hits different muscles in your back. These are great for building a wide back and work on that 'V' taper.

3. Shrugs

Shrugs can really help with keeping your shoulders stable in lockout and even give extra control from the floor. Having strong traps is an underrated but important facet of the deadlift that will help keep your upper back tight and avoid back and neck injuries.

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